Isnt she lovely?

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Lady Jane

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[23 Dec 2003|05:17pm]
umm ok
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[17 Feb 2003|01:49pm]
[ mood | geeky ]


That's right, you have stumbled upon another friends only journal. This is my journal, and I will not tolerate any drama what so ever. I can put whatever the hell I want in my journal, and you cant do anything about it. It's as simple as that. There have been too many people you have been on my friends list who I thought were my friends, but in the long run they were shady as hell.

There is not really much to say about me, everything you need to know is in my journal. If you know what is good for you , you will add me. ;p I promise I dont bite, hard.

I do have guidelines if you are considering about adding me :
[1] Dont bring any drama, I dont need it. If you know what is good for you, you want even consider about starting it.
[2]UPDATE! I want to actually read your journal. I have had occurances where people are so stoked to add me and be my friend, that they never update their journal. Which leads to me cutting them off my friends list, which leads to more drama. get it? good.
[3]Get to know me. I will put my effort in, but I need the other half back.
[4]Comment once in awhile. I dont want any comment whores, who just respond with a useless comment that means nothing. Just put your views in about the entry.
[5] Last but shurley not least, Dont say you like No Doubt, but hate Gwen. Sorry it just doesnt work that way.

August 17th 2oo3
I have taken a break from livejournal for awhile, due to personal reasons. I will be back by the end of August early September at the latest. You may add me and then e-mail me to tell me you have added me and then I will add you, so by the time I have gotten back everything is taken care of. Make shure to the e-mail contain's your username! :-)
July 31st 2oo3
*I just re-did my guidelines for people who are considering about adding me. ;)

So yep, thats basically all lambs. I hope I sounded interesting. If not, its your loss not mine. ;p

E-mail me pornstar ;)

xox ashley marie noel xox
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